Timeclock A Gps Punchclock

Timeclock A Gps Punchclock

Timeclock A Gps Punchclock

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How to set up Punch Clock

NFC Mobile Punch Clock 2.0 (GPS version)

Timesheet Mobile Set Up for Employee Time Clock by Phone

With this Virtual Punch Clock App you can stop worry about keep record of time spent in customers places.
Using smart combination of Wi-Fi AGPS and GPS entry and exit record will be automatically created when you reach your customer's place.
Punch Clock Features :
-Refund Policy: 72 hours (15 minutes is not enough time!)
-Track your work time
-Use GPS and WI-FI to automatically record punch in and punch out as virtual timeclock
-Manual timer to record work done away from customer place
-Creates timesheets by dates
-Creates timesheets by customers
-Task type is detailed in the report: GPS task, Timer task and if manually edited
-Time cards are editable

How to define 'Virtual Punch Clock'

Defining new Virtual Punch Clock is easy, next time you arrived to your customer place open the App and press: 'Add New Customer'.
You will then need to fill a name for the customer and the App will remember current location from now on.
Whenever you wish you will able to produce a report by time and customer.

GPS Time Clock tracks and records only your defined locations.
For any question or suggestion regarding punchclock please contact modelfunction@gmail.com
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Replacing old free PunchClock app.
This app doesn't use the old PunchClock data.
Two apps can work in the same time.